Tim Steele

Tim Steele

Web Developer

Columbus, OH

  • July 20, 2013

The Carpenter’s Door Never Gets Fixed…

One of the problems I face doing Web development professionally is finding the motivation to do Web development personally. When you spend a large portion of your time working on Web sites for other people, it makes working on your own Web projects difficult because my projects still feel a little like “work”. I love Web development. I also like to have variety in my life.

So, after suffering four years of neglect, I decided whoistimsteele.com is something I need to do.

Earlier this year I started an LLC, Tiger Cat Digital. I am still working a day job, but I have stopped working my freelance projects as Tim Steele and started working these projects as an employee of Tiger Cat Digital. I have been doing this for about six months now.

I am excited to announce that I am starting work on Tiger Cat Digital’s first product. This is a self-funded, self-driven project. It is going to be a mobile and desktop experience. I hope that this product will be the first of many Tiger Cat Digital products, and that at some point, I will be able to quit my day job and become self-employed. I can’t give all the details about the product right now, but I promise to provide more information in the future. Be sure to keep track of me through one of the many social networks that are out there.